Commercial Installation

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Facility

1. Security: 3” thick glass block is virtually impenetrable, keeping would be?burglars and thieves out.

2. Privacy: Three standard patterns available?with varying degrees of obscurity and light?diffusion keeping your proprietary operation,?private.

3. Thermal efficiency: Our window system is?air-tight and provides greater insulation than?single pane windows typically found in?warehouses, manufacturing facilities, etc…

4. Maintenance: Glass block windows are?maintenance free with no moving parts and no?steel that requires regular painting and rust repair.

5. Resistant to breakage: Typical glass block has a face thickness of 3/8”?versus a 1/8” glazing in a typical commercial grade window. This means the?glass block is less likely to be broken than standard glazing and if it were to be?broken, it is less expensive to replace a single glass block than having a?replacement pane custom made.

6. No more distractions: Since the standard?patterns available offer at least a little distortion,?production workers inside the facility are less?likely to be distracted by events taking place?outside the building. A clear pattern is available?though.

7. Property value increase: Any upgrades to?your aging property will increase the property?value.

8. Insurance savings: A more secure facility?could equate to a savings on insurance premiums.

9. Modularity: Our pre-assembled commercial glass block window packages?can usually be installed with minimal disturbance to your daily operation.

10. Longevity: Many glass block windows installed a half-century ago are still in?place today. A properly installed glass block window system can survive the?elements and weathering, building settling and movement.